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I am a lucky man. Good design is an extremely important part of the marketing of a business, through the logo, website, business cards, and other paraphernalia. Image isn’t all but it is key. To know a skilled graphic designer is a blessing and, fortunately, over the last six or seven years I’ve been friends with an extremely talented one. Mike Lewis has worked as a graphic designer since graduating from Leeds College of Art in 2001 and founded The Archipelago three years ago, where his wife, Zosia, works with him and is a partner.


Mike designed my maker’s mark for me when I first started making pots in 2011. I think it is a beautiful design, functional and aesthetically pleasing. I wanted the mark to be modern and clean but with a timeless quality to it. I had it made up as a letterpress block for use as a stamp and, cleverly, the mark is symmetrical, so I don’t need to worry about which way up I am holding it when I press it into the clay. You will be able to see the ‘d’ and the ‘p’ for ‘Dove’ and ‘Pottery’ but can you see the ‘s’ for ‘Street? You need to look on the diagonal…

By default, the mark became my logo but we always understood that that was temporary. Over the last few months, Mike has been creating a ‘new’ logo for Dove St Pottery in order to give the brand coherence. Some people shy away from the word ‘brand’, some people think it is a vulgar term. I look at it as a coherent image for the company, the business, Dove St Pottery. The business of Dove St Pottery is to sell pots and the image that it portrays is a valuable and essential part of that.

Dove Street Pottery BLACK

This is the new logo that Mike designed. The thing that excites me most is the fact that the font is called Circular. Mike was presenting the design to me and told me that the font was called Circular and I knew that it was right. My life is circles – from looking down on the wheel-head as I throw and seeing circle after circle emerge to the essentially repetitious nature of making. There is a quietness about the spacing, room to breathe. There is a shortened version, too.


We have also discussed packaging and paper colours. And Mike has designed a new Dove St Pottery website.

Mike’s philosophy of design is ‘simplicity and function’, which seems a good match with Dove St Pottery pots…





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