March 31, 2014 § 5 Comments

I have a new tool in the workshop and it is a revelation! If you have been following my instagram feed, you will know about it already. It is my mirror. It is not uncommon for potters to use a mirror to aid their throwing but it has been such a revelation for me that I wanted to encourage those of you that don’t to consider using one.


It is one of those times when having finally begun to use something, you think, ‘why didn’t I do that before!’ I cannot emphasise enough the impact it has had on my throwing. So… I have set the mirror up on the wall in front of me as I sit at the wheel, which means that I can see the wheel-head in it. When throwing without the use of a mirror, looking down from above, it is almost impossible to see what you are actually doing. Having made a pull, you can lean back or twist to the side in an attempt to appraise the profile of the pot you are throwing but this is awkward and doesn’t allow for a good impression of the form that is being thrown. It is not really until the pot is taken off the wheel-head and held up that you can see if it is successful or not. There is no way of gauging the form as the pull progresses.


With the mirror, on the other hand, you can see the profile of the pot as it is being pulled. You can actually watch the form develop. You can see the angle of your first pull and adjust it if you need to. As the pot rises from the wheel-head you can adjust your hands according to the form. It is like watching someone else throwing the pot. It is like watching a youtube clip.



Now, as I throw a pot, I mainly watch the one in the mirror – and every time it is thrilling.


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