January 6, 2014 § 18 Comments

Medium black bowl

Happy New Year! I hope you had a fun and festive Christmas (seems so long ago now…!). I wanted to start off the new year in positive spirit, which I hope will set the trend for the coming months, and begin with a giveaway (the bowl above). So, you can participate in the giveaway by sharing one of your resolutions for 2014 in the comment’s section of this post. I’ll begin with one of mine – to build a small salt glaze kiln at our allotment…

I look forward to reading your posts… The giveaway will end on Sunday 19th January. Good luck!

§ 18 Responses to 06.01.13

  • Happy New Year!
    I’m going to get my studio [and the route through the garden] ‘visitor ready’ and have an open studio event sometime this year 🙂
    Dionne x

  • Happy New Year David. Too many resolutions to mention here, but my primary objective is to start selling – through galleries, fairs, open studios and online.

  • Gill says:

    Happy New Year!
    I want to learn a new skill this year – maybe bookbinding??/

  • catherine woodall says:

    Ooh a salt glaze kiln sounds really exciting, David. I love the speckled slate blue glaze of Walter Keeler so look forward to seeing what you get up too! Does it count if I started before the old year was out? I’m banishing the mould and the moths from my workroom to make a better work environment for 2014.

  • I’m so boring, mine is the usual, eat more healthy and get fit!! That includes less wine, less chocolate boohoo and more digging in the veg patch!!

  • My intention is to remain open to opportunites and grasp them with both hands when they come along. I also need to bring more focus into selling my work.

  • Caishnah says:

    To approach other makers about collaborating and have at least one collaboration available this year.

  • Rosalyn says:

    Oh how does it get any better than that…would so treasure one of your beautiful pots. So I am working on “going slow” this year and taking time to stay in the moment which becomes a present as I observe my surroundings. I work in fiber and this year it is about needle and thread and the motion of the creation and wherever it takes me. No need to
    be critical of what I do, simply to “do it” and be mindful.

  • Hi David
    I’ve decided to try my hand at slipcasting this year. I enjoy making my small hand built pieces but it’s just getting too time consuming so I’m going to make myself some molds and get casting………that’s the theory anyway!
    Good luck with your kiln, your pieces will look even more spectacular with a lovely orange peel finish. Remember to blog your work in progress!

  • Joseph says:

    I don’t know if you ever found it but here is the link to the clay kiln I mentioned at Potfest(I think it was) http://internationalceramicsfestival.org/content/downloads/Clay_Kiln_1.pdf It was interesting as we had to move the kiln from the car down to the demonstration area, thankfully they let us use a pallet truck to move the thing back up again.

    My goal this year is merely to come up with a plan and something I want to explore and make more of.

  • Sorlie says:

    Happy New Year! (I love the throw lines on your work! They give every piece a rhythm that you just want to dance with.)

    I’m going to exercise every day so I can get myself up and out of my wheelchair and walking again! I want to be able to stand and wedge, to walk around my studio with a cane, or to be strong enough to lift a bag of clay. Those would make my year worthwhile.

    It’s six days into the new year and I’ve kept it up so far, so I’m hopeful. At the very least, I’ll look great in a mini-skirt.

  • Bev says:

    Hello, we are moving into a new house and all that involves but I’m resolving to find time and energy to get a studio set up and get making.

  • Lyn latreille says:

    Happy new year – My main resolution was not to make any resolutions I won’t keep…

    Another is to replace all my mass produced crockery with hand made (even if its one at a time… It’s going to take a while!)

  • Esther Enzler says:

    Happy New Year to you all. My main resolution is to explore weaving, to warp my Glimakra Standard many, many times this year. And keep on learning as much as possible.

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