July 30, 2013 § 3 Comments

Well, all that time I spoke of in the post before last – I don’t know where it went. I think what has been happening is that I have been catching up with the making that I couldn’t do when I was working at the school. There has been so much to do… It took me a little time to find a rhythm to the working week. It did feel strange having all that time in the workshop and that being ‘it’, what I did. I did, and do, feel the pressure of it. But it is good in that it is a spur and a motivation. There is a drive to get pots made because orders are waiting and fairs are around the corner.


I am, though, now beginning to find that rhythm and it’s a rhythm I haven’t had as a potter before. It involves combinations of throwing, applying handles or turning, glazing, packing and sending, all in any one day. There is a constant turnover, cycle, renewal, repetition through the days and weeks. I do find that I set myself unrealistic expectations for each day, thinking that I can achieve more than is reasonable. I am also getting used to the ‘curate’s egg day’, which most days seem to be – part successful, part not.  The frustrations become part of the normal working day and this is as it should be. I have yet to find a place in that rhythm for admin, which is a problem that I need to remedy. It is the last thing on my list. It is not that I am trying to avoid it, it is that I have so many other things to do. The day is rammed full from beginning to end with hardly time to breathe. But I need to find a place for it.


So, things are moving on. Each day is full. Each day I feel more settled as a potter.


I am unlikely to post regularly until September, when my usual Monday evening slot will return, but I am documenting my day in the workshop as regularly as I can on Instagram. The three images I’ve posted here are from my Instagram feed. Take a look and follow, if you wish. Have a good summer…

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