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Back in February, I wrote a blog post about the fact that I had been blogging for 2 years and that to mark that point, and as a thank you for taking the time and trouble to read the blog, I was going to give away one of my mugs. So, that’s what I’m doing. If you would like to be in the giveaway for this black coffee mug, please leave me a comment saying what you are currently making or what you would be making if you had the opportunity. I’d be fascinated to know what everyone’s up to. The giveaway will close on Sunday 9th June.

And thank you again for reading this blog. The support it provides is essential to my life as a potter.



§ 32 Responses to 27.05.13

  • Woohoo – a chance to get my mitts on one of your lovely mugs – can’t resist! Right back at ya David – it is a wonderful blog and such a pleasure to watch you going from strength to strength. As for what I am making, I am about to start a very large tapestry project based on an image from a collection of photographs that came my way after my grandfather died. I’ll be talking more about it very soon. It will be woven on my new loom Doris, or at least the initial samples will be; I may need a bigger loom for the actual tapestry. When I got Boris I felt I had to have a special mug when weaving on him, and I feel the same now with Doris – so pick me, pick me!

  • Would love an opportunity to drink coffe from one of your mugs! So I would like to enter this give away by saying that I am currently working on a series of functional pieces decorated with flower and leaf cuttings. The bowls are handmade using moulds, the cups and vases are wheelthrown. The flower and leaf motive repeats through the series in the least expected places (bottom of the cup, handle joint etc). The whole series will be exhibited during a one night event with LoVArts in London on 11/06 so not much time to go now! 🙂

    • Hi Ania. I’ve just looked up LOVarts; it looks like a great venue, doing really interesting things. I love the idea of discovering little surprises when picking up your pots. There isn’t much time ’til the 11th! I hope it goes really well for you…

  • Pete's Pots says:

    Nice idea! What am I making? Well, I’ve just done a couple of bird-baths which are now slowly drying prior to firing. A house-name decorated with swallows (tricky, not my style) and a house-number (easy, that one). A planter, a cheese dish, and a mug to take a pint of tea. That batch is the last of my commissions from the recent Arts Trail. At last I can get round to mowing the lawn!

  • Hi David,
    we ‘d like to come to see you at your studio as soon as we’ve got some spare time! We love following your blog and see how you developed your skills so quickly! Full of admiration!
    What we are doing now… well we’re making jellyfish with umbrellas and washed down fishing rope and fishing lines that we collected on the beach!!!

    Carine and David

    • Hello Carine and David. Please come to the studio; you are welcome whenever you have some time. What you are making sounds very much like the Ashby/Brosse household, and it will be amazing… For some reason, I thought you would be at the Saltaire Arts Trail. I missed you when you weren’t there.

  • Ware shelves! That’s what I’m making/putting up at the moment… then hopefully throwing lots of cups and urchins to fill them. Hope all well with you.

    • Hi Juliet. Sounds like you are getting your workshop/studio sorted for all that making. I love the cup on your blog with the green inside…and hope that you resolve the issue with the dunting…

  • Yazury says:

    Woao! Thats very kind. Please add me to your list of give away. At the moment, I’m trying to design a collection of semi-precious necklaces (said trying because I’m joggling it with family life and day time job) so work in progress, I’m just a beginner so wish me luck. Take care. Yazury.

    • Hi Yazury. I do wish you good luck… Persevere that’s all it’d say; the juggling of family life and the day job with making jewellery is not always easy. I wish you all the best – the making process is extremely rewarding.

  • My lovely mug would like a friend of course! I’m currently making plants for the allotment if that counts?

  • Alison says:

    Ooh, good question. I trained in ceramics many years ago, and it’s fifteen years since I last threw a pot – until just very recently that is. Tentatively and excitedly, I attended an evening class in Sheffield to see if throwing pots really is like riding a bike – and yes, I’m pleased to say that although a little wobbly at first, I can still do it – and I didn’t fall off! I don’t know what I’m making – and it doesn’t matter; I’m reacquainting myself with clay and enjoying making a mess! I admire your dedication and curiosity that comes across in your blog. And your mugs of course!

    • Hi Alison. It’s great that you are back on the pottery-shaped bike again. I love that idea that you are reacquainting yourself with clay and making a mess rather than worrying too much about the outcome. That is a great way to get your touch and feel back. It sounds like you are having a lot of fun. It won’t be long before you have your hands off the handle-bars and the wind in your hair.

  • Cool. I am currently making a batch of chickens for a wholesale order 🙂 I’m also making a blanket for the campervan with lots of patches on it to show where we have been on holiday.

    • Hi Lynsey. The blanket sounds wonderful – what a fantastic idea. I love the idea of having a visual record, an object devoted to memory, that grows with you. What a special thing!

  • catherine woodall says:

    Mmm what I am making now are rings. Seem to have had a little flurry of ring orders including one from the Saltaire Maker’s Fair which is where I espied and rather coveted this very mug! I wanted to say how much I admired your work, but you had customers and were deep in conversation about Lucy Rie and throwing each time I came passed! So I’m glad Craft Soup told me about your blog and I can tell you belatedly.

    • Thank you for your kind words, Cathy. I hope the Makers’ Fair was a successful event for you. I love doing it, partly for the very conversations you talk about. Good luck with the orders and it would be lovely to meet up sometime, maybe at a future fair…

  • I love this idea and all the varied and interesting replies!
    I’m helping my husband build my new garden studio at the moment, it has to fit around my potting and his garden designing so it’s a bit slow going but very exciting.
    In terms of clay, I’m developing a range of sgraffito decorated clay ‘pebbles’ with seaweed and shell motifs. I wan’t to make something precious, like that perfect pebble you find on the beach, but competing with nature is a tall order!
    Keep up the blog, I love to read your musings.

  • Joseph says:

    Just finished my PGCE, applying for a studentship so I can continue studying, hoping to finish the paperwork tonight because the deadline is tomorrow.

    First thing I have to make when I get back to the studio is presents that he is designing with his mummy for his teachers. I have to throw the bodies and then they are customising them.

    Also got some wood lined up to make some small throwing bats, and a new wedging table, and shelves for in the house.

    • Hi Joseph. I hope you managed to finish your paperwork! You’re a busy man. What you are making seems to be about the making in preparation for something else. It’s exciting to fill that space… Good luck with applying for the studentship.

  • Christine Mammana says:

    Hello there David, I really think I should be thanking you for writing such a fantastic blog. I have only discovered it recently and enjoy very much reading about your ideas and efforts to make a living out of clay. At the moment I am working on altering wheel thrown functional pots into what I like to call soft squares and, like you, new glazes. I hope mine are as successful as yours seem to be. I love the idea of giving away a mug, though I wouldn’t necessarily expect you to send one all the way to me in Australia. Happy potting and writing.

    • Hi Christine. Thank you for the kind words. I would be delighted to send the mug to you in Australia, if your name is picked out of the hat. My sister emigrated to Perth, Western Australia, nine months ago and loves it there. Good luck with the soft squares and new glazes.

  • Jane Sarre says:

    I love your black glaze so please add me to your ever growing list! In addition to my standard mugs etc I’m currently experimenting with a new bowl/dish/cakestand type thing using slabs case from manhole covers. I’m enjoying the funny looks, but not entirely happy with the resulting forms just yet. Once they’re a bit more respectable they will be posted onto my blog…

  • Nic says:

    Hi David, also happened upon your blog recently and seeing your work fuels my ever present hopes to one day spend my time potting. At the moment though, in my free time, I’m sewing coffee sack baskets to contain the ever growing collection of toys and books that a 10 month old baby accumulates!..that and making baby trousers!

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