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If anyone would like an invitation to the British Craft Trade Fair, 7th – 9th April, please let me know and I will send you an e-version to print out and take with you. I’ll be at stand no. 362.

It’s a brilliant trade event showcasing over 500 makers from all disciplines – ‘BCTF is the perfect home and giftware trade fair for sourcing the very best in British design, and we pride ourselves in giving our trade visitors a huge selection of the most desirable product available in the market place today.’ It’s easy to get to and the parking is free. Come and have a nosey, if you want to.


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  • Juliet Macleod says:

    Hi David, I’m a graphic designer just about to start out as a potter after 3 years of evening classes in Hackney, then 5 years break to have a family and now just completed a short course in Intermediate Ceramics at Gray’s School of Art (Aberdeen). I’m much heartened by reading your blog and wondering how you are getting on with your Shimpo Whisper T wheel. I’m off to buy a wheel in a fortnight and collecting advice. Thanks.

    • Hi Juliet. Firstly, good luck – it’s a fantastically rewarding thing to do and I offer you all my good wishes. Secondly, I love my Shimpo wheel but I find it has a draw back in that the tray has a very narrow fit around the wheel head, so gets filled up with water and clay very quickly. I would much prefer a wheel with a bigger tray, as I like to throw with quite a lot of water. On the other hand, the Shimpo is a neat and compact wheel and in my first workshop (in my basement) I wouldn’t have been able to fit anything else in… The neatness of size is its big plus but has, for me, a down side with the narrow tray. I think the size of the tray is an American thing as, apparently, they throw with less water. I may be wrong…

      • Juliet Macleod says:

        Thank you David, for your kind response. I’ll also be working in a very small space for the time being so don’t think I’ll have much choice, but will bear in mind what you have said about tray size as it’s a really good point.

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