March 25, 2013 § 12 Comments

So, these are the first few pots to be glazed with my new colours.  I was a little trepidatious about opening the kiln this afternoon but, overall, I think I’m pleased with the way they have come out. They need a couple of tweaks – the black was slightly too thick when I applied it and the green slightly too thin – but I definitely have something to work with. I should have taken a photograph of all the colours together because they work really well as an ensemble, they complement each other beautifully, which was one of the key elements when I decided to develop the new colours.


The two colours that I am most excited about are the black and the white, the white especially. The inside of each of the different coloured bowls are like little colour explosions, as you can see below with the blue one…


And what I like about the white one is that it is full of beautiful warm tones, very subtle, but clear at the same time – peaches, pinks, purples. It is a similar experience to looking into someone’s face. At first glance, it all appears to be a general pink but the more you look the more colours appear, until you realise that every millimetre is actually a different colour.


It is hard to see all the different colours in the photograph below because it was taken in the last light of the day but you may be able to get an idea.



I wasn’t sure about the green because it wasn’t quite what I expected, so I took it off the table to leave the white, blue and black. Then I put it back and the range became grounded. The blue and the white, and the black somehow, were sky bound, colours of the sky; the addition of the green gave a sense of the earth, of what is under our feet, of growth and life.


But what I was really excited about was this…


A clothing shop in London is wanting to stock some of my pots. They have wanted to commission a colour or style that would be exclusive to them and asked if I could produce a pot with a colour variation on the rim. I’m really pleased with this test and think it has potential. It has a traditional, timeless quality to it that I find attractive.

It has been good experimenting with new colours and I am really pleased that I made the decision to do it. I feel that now I have a strong foundation upon which to approach the rest of the year.

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