February 25, 2013 § 21 Comments

It has been important at the beginning of this year to develop a new range of colours for my pots. Last year I was dogged by difficulties with my glazes, which proved to be a frustrating time and left me in the end with a resolution that I had to find a set of workable, reliable glazes that I was confident in to give me a good foundation with which to approach the year. I think I am there.


Two factors have been important: biscuit firing to a higher temperature and using the same base glaze for each of the glazes. Using the same base glaze will, I hope, give the range a coherence that had previously been lacking. As stated in an earlier post, the base glaze is: 40 Potash Feldspar, 20 Whiting, 25 China Clay and 15 Flint.


4% Nickel Oxide, 4% Red Iron Oxide, 2% Cobalt Carbonate


3% Copper Oxide Black


4% Cobalt Carbonate, 1% Nickel Oxide, 1% Copper Oxide Black

I read somewhere that most potters use only three or four different glazes. We begin with myriad variations and then gradually whittle them down to a core that suit our purposes.

Two people are coming to my workshop next week to discuss glazes in far more detail. They have little or no experience of the subject and are requiring some assistance. I am very much looking forward to it.


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