November 12, 2012 § 4 Comments

I’m struggling a little bit at the moment, and I think it’s down to having been knocked out of my routine. For a couple of months over the late spring/summer I was between jobs and, therefore, lucky enough to be able to spend all day every day in my workshop. It was truly great; I loved being able to totally immerse myself in clay and concentrate on throwing. I have a second job to help me pay my way and now I work each morning as the art technician in the local secondary school. But since the end of September I have had little time for throwing. I have done bits and pieces, a day here and an afternoon there, but nothing that I could call a routine.

Having three three day fairs in six weeks has turned out to be fine. I was worried that I wasn’t going to be able to make enough stock but that’s not proved to be the case. This is my first full year of selling my pottery, so I have thrown myself in at the deep end to see if I would swim. I think I am just about keeping my head above water. What has completely thrown me lately, though, is having to move workshop. It happened between the first two of the fairs, and I found myself moving my workshop rather than be at my wheel making stock. With everything everywhere in the new, temporary workshop, and no water supply, I am struggling to settle. I am realising that I don’t like being out of a routine.

Glazing some pots for the York fair this weekend.

I should arrange things better in the workshop but the building work for the new, permanent workshop space is moving on apace, apparently, and it might be only a matter of weeks before I can move in. I can’t wait…


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