October 22, 2012 § 4 Comments

This last week has been a hectic one, trying to tie up the loose ends for MADE LONDON, as well as move into the new temporary workshop. There’s a kiln firing going in later tonight with the last of the pots for London, then on Wednesday I need to get the image below enlarged, which I will take to London in case I feel the stand needs it. Otherwise, I think/hope I’m ready.

I’m really looking forward to (a little nervous about) London, though it feels like ages since I’ve properly been in the workshop throwing. I have a strong desire to make mugs with handles on, which I really want to get on with making but will have to wait until after Christmas before I can start. I think it will have a similar shape to the jug, wider at the foot and narrowing slightly towards the lip, with a full lip to foot handle. But smallish, like everything I make, maybe 7/8cms high. I’m also desperate to make plates.

It’s sad to be leaving my workshop, although thanks to the totally wonderful East Street Arts, I have found a temporary one just round the corner – another disused shop. Heaven Scent is where I’ll be and it’ll do for the time being.

Having to move out of my workshop has given me a jolt and made me think that, actually, if I want Dove Street Pottery to be a stable business, I need a permanent space to be working in. I can’t be humping my kiln all round town every 6 months and if I did I would soon lose the friends willing to help (it is going to take 4 of us to move the kiln on Wednesday). ‘Timing’ was the first word in my last post and would have been very apt again for this post. The day after the man walked into my workshop telling me that I needed to leave, I was invited to a meeting, maybe a mile for here, regarding some new workshops that were being planned.

They are owned by Q20 Theatre, who said they will be ready in 4 weeks. So, I have reserved one (it will be where the people are standing in the picture). I’m thinking that if I’m in in 6 weeks that would be absolutely fine. The thought of having somewhere that’s mine, as it were, is very reassuring. I’ve now got to get from here to there.



October 17, 2012 § 2 Comments

Timing – everything is about timing. A man walked into my workshop yesterday and with no introduction told me that he was the new tenant and that I would need to be out in 48 hours! As you can imagine, this came as rather a shock. After some toing and froing, it turns out that I can stay until Wednesday. I leave for MADE LONDON on Thursday.

I knew that this was a possibility, as I am on a short-term let (very short-term), part of a national scheme to put creative people in disused shops. So, I knew that any day I could get a ‘phone call telling me that someone wanted to let the shop. It’s just that the timing could be better, so much better. We are in the run up to the busiest time of the year. I’ve got 5 fairs coming up, including MADE LONDON starting next Friday and the ‘Living North’ Christmas Fair two and a half weeks later. I also need to re-stock three shops, provide pots for a Christmas event at the Bankfield Museum, and fulfil other Christmas orders. Really, the last thing I want to do is pack up my workshop and find another one, but I will have to.

It will all work out in the end – things always do. There is the possibility of moving into a permanent space, which I need to do if Dove Street Pottery is going to have any stability, although it is not ready yet. It may be a few months until it is. There is another disused shop I can move into in the meantime within Shipley, where I currently am. The weekend will be busy but I hope I shall be moved into the new space by next Wednesday. Then pack up the car and off to London.


October 8, 2012 § 2 Comments

The Great Northern Contemporary Craft Fair wrapped up yesterday. It was my first year as an exhibitor and I am extremely pleased that I was selected and able to take part. I love doing fairs! I love every aspect of it from the theatre of the venue (the setting up and being surrounded by all the other stands) to the engagement with the visitors (I love to chat, especially about pottery) and the friendships that are made with other makers. There is always a little sadness when a fair is over.

It’s a simple thing but the more I make the more I value the process of making and others who make. I like to be in the company of people who make; people who combine the hand, eye and brain and turn them towards ‘use’. It is a ‘human’ endeavour, related to the body, and I find it to be very powerful.

Through talking to people this weekend and discussing the pots that I make, it became clear that the scale of what I make relates closely to the hand. I don’t make big pots, I make pots that sit neatly in the hand; and I like the intimacy of that. It seems natural and sympathetic, unchallenging; somehow there is a togetherness between the pot and the person who holds it.


October 1, 2012 § 2 Comments

I have just set up an on-line shop for Dove Street Pottery. It is something I have been meaning to do for some time, so I am really pleased to have finally achieved it.

The shop is at Big Cartel and mine is, as you might imagine, Dove Street Pottery, which you can find at dovestreetpottery.bigcartel.com. I have put a link on the right hand side of the blog as well. There are a few things on there currently, as I thought it was better to get started and making shopping for my pots available on-line, and I will add more things in due course.


And I thought I’d share a picture of this bowl, which came out my kiln recently.

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