May 9, 2012 § 5 Comments

I have added a similar post onto the Dove Street Pottery facebook page, but I thought I’d add a quick post here, too, as I had believed the subject to be incredibly complicated and so have given it a wide berth. In fact, after a conversation at the Saltaire Arts Trail, it turns out that it is incredibly simple, far simpler than is widely imagined, so I thought I’d share it. The subject is the density of the glaze, the thickness or thinness of it, and I am grateful to the wonderful Dianne Cross for her time and experience over the weekend.

The way to achieve consistency over batches of the same glaze is to first achieve a batch with a consistency that you are happy with. Then, measure the weight of 500ml of the glaze and find out how much it weighs in ounces. To measure the weight, all you do is put a jug on the scales, recalibrate the scales back to zero, fill the jug with glaze up to 500ml, put it back on the scales and take the reading. You don’t have to use 500ml, you could use any amount as long as you keep it consistent across your batches. If, when you make up another batch, the glaze weighs more than the original batch just add water until it reaches the desired weight. If it weighs less, then wait for the glaze to settle and take away enough water from the top of the glaze until you have reached the desired weight. You may need to do this a couple of times, as you will need to mix the glaze up again to check the weight and, if it still weighs less, you will have to wait again for the glaze to settle before you can take any more water out.

It really is so brilliantly simple and easy to do. Linda Bloomfield posted this link onto my facebook page of Nan Rothwell talking about the same subject on Ceramic Arts Daily.

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  • gedcarney says:

    This is a handy bit of info to know!

    • Hi Ged. I agree; that’s why I thought I’d share it. It should prove very useful. Can you post a link to some images of your pots; I’d like to take a look…

      • gedcarney says:

        Hi i would love you to have a look at my pots but the fact is i haven`t been producing any!! I am still sorting out my wheel plus a work space. I also don’t have a picture gallery to link my past work to. will take some close up pictures of past work and post them.

      • gedcarney says:

        I also would like to come up for a visit as you are in my neck of the woods.

      • You are more than welcome to come to my workshop, Ged. My workshop is open for 4 days as part of the Bradford Open for Art – 2nd/5th June. You could come then or, alternatively, let me know when you would like to come and we can arrange a time.

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