April 10, 2012 § 4 Comments

It’s been a busy family time these past 10 days or so over Easter, therefore there hasn’t been much done in the workshop. Now, though, with the British Craft Trade Fair fast approaching and my new kiln arriving on Thursday, I need to crack on. So, today has been spent tidying up some details relating to the BCTF, such as organising signage, getting a rubber stamp made of my logo to go on promotional material, making sure that the furniture that I am going to display my pots on actually goes in the car (it does, which is a relief…). And beginning to move my workshop over into the new one.

I opened the door to the new workshop this morning, having not been into it for a week or two (it’s been lying empty while I wait for the kiln), and I couldn’t believe the amount of space. Having been working in a space that is 8′ x 8′ for the past year, to have a workshop space and a separate glazing room is certainly going to be a novelty.

This is what I’ve been in – in my cellar, mixing glazes on the shelf above the wheel and firing pots in the kiln that warms my left buttock. I’m now going to be in here.

I think I’ll take down the screen blocking the window to allow more natural light in. My wheel will go where the clay is in the second picture. And to the left of it will sit a kick wheel, which I have very kindly been offered. More about that when it arrives in a couple of weeks. My ware-shelves will go along the end wall and I need to think about where to put a kneading table. Down the stairs, on the left in the first picture, is going to be the glazing room – kiln to be situated in front of those cupboards.

A water source just there, struts ready to take shelves, surfaces to put pots on, space to stand back without tripping over a wheel or a kiln – I couldn’t be more delighted. And it is all thanks to East Street Arts to whom I am very grateful. They are a company based in Leeds that provide studio space and exhibition opportunities to artists. This space is a disused shop in Shipley and, as a charity, East Street Arts can take it on and instal an artist or maker in it at a much reduced rent. There are a number of disused shops in Shipley and it would be fantastic to have a creative person in each one – that would be an imaginative and dynamic use of the town centre.

So, more moving tomorrow, kiln arriving on Thursday and wheel in on Friday. It’s then head down and making for the Saltaire Arts Trail, which will only be a matter of days away.

If you are in the area and I’m in the workshop, please come and knock on the door; I’d be very happy to offer you a cup of tea. The address is 2 Westgate, Shipley, BD18 3QT.

And, by way of an addendum, thankfully, I seem to have resolved my air bubble issues. A little gentler, softer with the hands and more precision seems to have done the trick. Another reason to be grateful…


§ 4 Responses to 10.04.12

  • gz says:

    I’m in about ten foot by ten foot plus a ware rack….which includes a six cubic foot or so gas kiln!!!

  • Joseph says:

    Eleven foot by eight supposedly, I should measure it rather than taking the builders word, it was a free space though. I quite like being cozy after having a big space, just need to get a ware rack and wedging bench sorted. My space also includes my kiln too.

    Looking at building the clay its own storage shed after I waterlogged some clay that was badly covered in the garden.

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