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Ever since I moved up to West Yorkshire, I have been impressed by the wonderful creative community that overflows around here. It is something I talk about quite a bit in this blog, because it has a powerful influence on me – and is one of the main reasons I started the Saltaire Arts Trail five years ago.

What I love about this community is the diversity of people’s skills and the passion that people have for their craft, whether it is textiles, natural dyeing, photography, painting, print-making, graphic design, jewellery-making, wood-turning or pottery. There are also actors, children’s authors, theatre directors, arts administrators… The list goes on… I don’t know why Saltaire attracts this type of community, but you can see why it is such a good location for an Arts Trail!

It is more than just a collection of people, though. There is a strong desire to collaborate, share skills, make connections and possibilities – and this makes it a dynamic place to live. You can find anything you need for any project right under your nose. A small example of this is my maker’s stamp.

It was designed by Michael Lewis of  The Archipelago. I think he is a supremely talented designer and did all the original design-work for the Saltaire Arts Trail. The business card, also designed by Mike, was letterpress printed by The Print Project, who did a great job. Both organisations have sympathetic approaches to the way they work, with traditional craftsmanship, sustainability and community at their core.

I didn’t know how to turn Mike’s design into an actual stamp but, when he saw the print block for the business card, Mike suggested that I get one made just for the stamp to see if it would work – and it works a treat.

Thank you to Mike and to Nick (from The Print Project) for their beautiful work.

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