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The Bradford Peace and Craft Fair and the Shipley Alternative were both well organised events and a lot of fun to take part in. There is a really vibrant arts scene, especially craft, in this part of West Yorkshire, which is a supportive environment in which to be making work. Several of those craftspeople, making beautiful work, have the ideas of Slow craft as central to their practice. The Slow movement is a natural place for the crafts to reside but it has been totally at odds with mainstream culture over the last few decades. The idea of Slow has re-emerged into popular consciousness since the Slow food movement was founded in the 1980s and subsequently spread across the world.

Localism, sustainability, community, small-scale, reflection, responsibility, time: these are the pillars of the Slow movement and they are socio-politically potent. As the tenets of globalism and capitalism are increasingly being questioned, Slow becomes all the more pertinent.

In today’s culture, we tend to be overawed with choice, which is promoted as the ideal. More choice, more competition, more satisfied consumers. In time, I want to develop my pottery so that the clay I use is dug as locally as I can find it and I would like the glaze materials that I use to be sourced from this country. I would then be a local potter using local materials selling to a local market.

From clarabella: these naturally dyed colours have taken a season to develop.

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I have just started to read ‘In praise of Slow‘ by Carl Honoré.

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