July 12, 2011 § Leave a comment

In about ten days’ time, Kirkgate Studios and Workshops will close for a month or so while it is being refurbished. The changes will be of enormous benefit to the building and Kirkgate should function far better as a space after the changes have been completed. It does mean, though, that the wheel that I have been using over these past few months is out of action for some considerable time.

Over these months, I have been pondering my workshop situation and have been trying to come up with a coherent plan. Everyone I have spoken to regarding the discipline of throwing has told me that the only way that I will approach the required standard, if I want to make domestic ware, is to get my own wheel – for which I need a space. I had done some investigating around workshop spaces, although I had come up with nothing concrete. But the hiatus at Kirkgate and the thought of not throwing for six weeks or more has given me impetus and spurred me into action. I can’t wait for the perfect space, nothing will come of that. Initially, it’s a space that I need, something to get me started, up and running; so I have spent the last week clearing out my cellar.

The space is about 6′ x 7′, with a corridor-sized space through the doorway. It will be a tight squeeze but for the moment it is certainly big enough.

My job for this week is to build a set of ware shelves, like these (minus the wheels) that I found on a lovely blog by Olen Hsu, which hopefully will fill the corridor space. I have found the wheel that I would like to buy and am now hunting for a kiln. Also, I have been doing some research on how to deal with the clay waste from throwing and by all accounts it shouldn’t be too much of an issue (a system of buckets seems to be sufficient).

The prospect of setting up a little workshop (even in my cellar) is somewhat daunting but, by the same token, incredibly exciting.  I aim to be up and running in a couple of weeks. I am going to grasp the nettle and squeeze very hard.


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