May 23, 2011 § 4 Comments

I’ve been thinking a lot about glazes recently and the second part of Daniel Rhodes’ book ‘Clay and Glazes for the Potter’, as I suspected, is a knock out. It builds beautifully on the first part about clay and goes into some detail regarding all aspects of the glazing process. It’s a revelation and rather than being scary it’s furnished me with an excitement to get stuck in. Three bowls and two small cups came out of the kiln tonight, so I have the opportunity to experiment on Wednesday.

The little cups/bowls that Scout and I made last month came out the kiln a few days ago. She hasn’t seen them yet and I hope she will be pleased. I know that it is belated but I don’t think it’s too too late to give them away as Easter presents… Maybe we can wrap them up over the weekend and find them suitable homes.

These last few weeks I have been trying to practise throwing by just repeating the same form over and over again. The size of the clay balls has varied between 300g, 250g and 200g but the shape of the form has remained the same, a tapering cylinder. Attempting to control the clay and repeat a particular form rather than allowing the clay to develop any which way it pleases has been a real challenge. Each day, a mountain of clay piled higher and higher with squished, deformed pots and my exasperation steadily grew, along with the swearing under my breath. But gradually, gradually I feel progress is being made with the last time I was on the wheel a pure delight and a surge of adrenalin in my chest. Below is a selection of the better ones kept from the last few weeks.

A visit to the Contemporary Ceramics Centre on Saturday, while my girlfriend delivered a workshop on natural dyeing, has given me some inspiration (and throwing targets) for the week.

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