February 14, 2011 § Leave a comment

I am new to potting. I took a short course at a local community centre at the end of last year to see what it was all about and enjoyed the whole atmosphere: the tools, the objects all around at various stages of completion, the different processes, the physical nature of making, the fact that a pot is object and surface. The vast majority of pieces made at the community centre are coil-built,  molded or hand-built (much of what is made there is not functional ware); there is very little thrown, although there is one wheel. So, I started with a molded bowl.

At the end of the ten week course I had two pots: a salad-sized bowl painted inside with white slip and outside with green slip, with 9 green slip lines painted in the bottom of the bowl; and a bowl that just fits in the cup of two hands, which I dipped completely in an Anna Lambert black glaze.

I found that using a mold to make the pots to be an incredibly slow process. One of the key attractions of pottery for me is repetition: hand and eye repeating actions, repeating forms; creating muscle memory; endless. And I want to make functional ware, so I have decided to learn how to throw.

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